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Meet the Team

Graceway Sports Centre have a highly experienced team of sports coaches at its disposal, you can be assured that whatever the activity, be it tennis, squash or an exercise class that there is a member of staff on hand to help and assist our customers.

Adina Ciurar
Marketing&Business Manager, Personal Trainer & Tae-Bo Instructor

Adina graduated Foreign Languages in 1996 with a specialization in Japanese Literature – Kabuki theater.

After 7 successful years as a Sales & Marketing Manager with a prestigious multi-national telecommunication company in Romania, she pursued a Master Degree in Marketing and Business Communication.When it comes to fitness, Adina is our resident expert – a highly skilled personal trainer and aerobics instructor with years of experience under her belt and a fun, friendly character, who will have you burning those calories in no time.

For marketing, business development or fitness inquiries please contact Adina on 649-442-6349 or by email


Reinaldo Garcia
Tennis Professional

As a  former No. 1 ranked junior player, if there is anything about tennis that Rey doesn’t know – then its not worth knowing!

For tennis inquiries contact Rey on 649-346-7527 or by email


Rubino Cyriaque

Front Desk Clerk

Born in Haiti, Rubino lived in the beautiful island of Providenciales since he was 3. He graduated Clement Howell high-school in 2009 and he in volunteered at the Youth Centre where he counselled youngsters on various topics, but he also left a memorable print by participating to the mural painting.

In September 2011 he became an enthusiastic member of the Graceway Sports Centre team, where he had the opportunity to express his skills and talents throughout the job requirements and at the same time meeting new people.

Rubino can be contacted at rubino@gracewaysports.com


Kia Palmer-Holmes

Front Desk Clerk

If you haven’t noticed that bubbly personality at our Front Desk, that’s Kia.

Kia was born and raised in Philadelphia, USA, before moving to Providenciales. Kia attended Lincoln University, where she earned a degree in Health&Physical Education with a minor in Early Childhood. After teaching young children for 8 years, Kia has joined our team and looks forward to becoming certified as an instructor for many of our Aerobic classes.

Kia has a passion for fitness and enjoys working out, so if you are ever in need of a workout buddy, she’s a great one!

Kia can be contacted at kia@gracewaysports.com