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Breaking Free Dance Academy

 Formerly known as Bowen Dance Academy


Ballet I – Monday, 3.30pm / 1hr / Age: 7-9yrs 

Continuing barre work and introduction of center work. Learning correct posture and weight placement. Coordination of whole body and arms. Developing elevation, traveling steps and working with a partner or in groups. Additional ballet step vocabulary.

Ballet III Monday, 4.30pm / 90mins / Age: 12+

Developing good secure posture and co-ordination of the whole body. Performing articulated footwork and secure use of legs. Demonstrating line and placement of arms and body. Working toward strong pirouettes, elevation and jumps. Developing a sense of performance and artistry. Building strength for pre-pointe and pointe work.

Ballet II – Wednesday, 3.30pm / 1hr / ages 9-12yrs

Students at this level are introduced to extended bare exercises and centre combinations. Increasing demi pointe work, stretching and strengthening. Coordination through the body along with adding to the vocabulary, traveling steps, elevation and pirouettes.

Modern II Wednesday, 4.30pm / 90mins / Age: 12+

In this class we learn holistic balance and gentle strengthening through Release Technique and other modern dance styles. We begin with a floor warm up and work our way to standing and flowing through basic technique and phrases. We concentrate on developing proper alignment, use of breath, quality of structural form, oppositional energy, moving through space, directional changes, fall and recovery, speed and performance quality and self-awareness through expression and improvisation.

Modern IFriday, 3.30pm / 1hr / Age: 5-7yrs

Students’ progress to use of the ballet barre for their technical exercises. Developing coordination and control of body, hand, arms. Traveling movements, (forward, backwards, sideways) skipping, galloping and basic jumps. Creative and Expressive Exploration.

 Pre-Pointe & Body Conditioning – Friday, 5pm / 1hr / 

Pre-pointe and Body Conditioning classes are offered to ballet students who are not yet on point to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe and mix specific techniques for beginners with conditioning exercises to help supplement pre-pointe training

Mom & Tots Dance PartySaturday, 10am / 45mins / Age: 18months to 4yrs. 

For our youngest movers and shakers, this class focuses on developing gross motor skills, listening and following basic directions, creative movement, ball skills, use of props and ability to maneuver through an obstacle course. This class is open to walking toddlers and their Parents.  Adult participation required.

Pre-BalletSaturday, 11am / 1hr / Age: 3-5yrs

Introduction to the fundamental movements in ballet. Basic movement themes such as jumping, balletic runs and walks, spinning and skipping are explored as an introduction to classical ballet steps. Music and rhythmic awareness. Expression taught through free movement and use of props.

 Hip Hop – Saturday, 12pm / 1hr / Age: 5+

Incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles including breaking, locking, popping, and studio hip hop. Students are taught the elements of hip hop rhythms, movement, energy, emotion and attitude!


Pre-Ballet, Ballet I & II Students should wear a leotard with optional skirt or fitted shorts. No tights needed, but socks are fine. Hair should be pulled back off the face in a bun or with a scunci/headband.  Ballet Shoes should be worn and laces should be trimmed and tucked in.

Ballet III Students should wear a leotard and a choice of tights/shorts/skirts (no baggy clothing unless warm up wear). Hair should be pulled back off the face in a bun or with a scunci /headband. NO UNDERWEAR should be showing under your leotard.

Modern Students should wear a leotard or dance shirt and dance or yoga pants. (Modern students bring also a long sleeve shirt and mid-calf length pants), shoes optional.

Hip Hop Students should wear street clothes that allow for complete range of motion and do not hinder movement. Shoes should be sneakers or tennis shoes.

For more info please contact Shara Goldsmith at (649)442-1103 or to the email address breakingfreetci@gmail.com

All dance classes are suspended during the summer vacation (July&August) !