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Our gymnastics coach, Shara Goldsmith, has an extensive professional background in Dance Performance and Education and holds a Minor in Dance from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She grew up within the walls of the YMCA Bahamas and was a YMCA Professional at an early age, instructing programs such as Gymnastics & Swimming. Presently, she is a Specialist Instructor at a local primary school and runs the Breaking Free Dance Academy.

Gymnastics is an especially wonderful sport for kids, it can help them develop coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and so much more.

It can also build self-esteem, and improve skills such as self-discipline and concentration. Not to mention, being a gymnast is a lot of fun!

Our classes and sessions aim to introduce the sport of gymnastics through a programme that offers enjoyment, through structured learning, with the use of body management skills that allow progression through through the sport.

Our classes are back starting October 3rd!

      Weekly schedule:
Tuesday: Advanced Club 4.30pm-6pm
Thursday: Juniors’ Gymnastics 4pm-5pm
      Rates: Drop-in fee $12

Minimum age: 3 years old

Classes are held with at least 3 children