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Qwan Ki Do

In October 2011 we started the Qwan Ki Do classes, available only at Graceway Sports Centre for both adults and children!

What Is Qwan Ki Do?

The QWAN – KI – DO was founded in 1981 in France, as a result of over 25 years research work accomplished by one of the most prestigious experts of Martial Arts: The Great Master PHAM XUAN TONG. Master Pham Xuan Tong is a Vietnamese martial arts personality, both in terms of being one of the few masters founding in life, as well as in light of the fact that the person is empowered to monitor the activities of Vietnamese Martial Arts in Europe.

Qwan Ki Do – The Way of Vital Energy is a synthesis of Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese Kung Fu with origins in Chinese Shaolin, Wo-Mei, Tang Lang and The Vietnamese Martial Arts or VO.

The Chinese heritage is made out of three main schools of martial arts:

– SHAO LIN or Thieu Lam, in which originated many different techniques, including jumping

kick techniques or the CHIN NA or CAM NA techniques.

– WO MEI or Nga Mi, from the Mount Emei, that gave the grappling and projection techniques, and also animal fist techniques.

– TANG LANG or Duong Lang, from southern China, typical of the Hakka ethnic, is based upon the praying mantis impression technique. It is characterized by fast attacks on the upper body, aiming at hitting vital spots and also dislocating articulations.

The Vietnamese schools of martial arts are famous for their flying scissors techniques and also for the ‘free boxing’ style.

QWAN KI DO combines a large variety of techniques:

– hand techniques

– blocks and grappling

– sweeps

– self-defense

– throwing techniques

– falling techniques- arm locks

– breaking techniques

– street fighting

– psychocorporal gymnastics “Tham The” (similar to Tai Chi)

Although the definition Qwan-Ki-Do’s is the art of winning without fighting and to persuade without speaking, behold, daily life sometimes puts us in a position to physically fight to defend ourselves and on loved ones. Therefore, technical training is oriented to wrestling and street fighting. A Vietnamese Martial Arts magazine defined Qwan Ki Do as the youngest offspring of Vietnamese Martial Arts, with deep roots in the ancient styles and Vietnamese and Chinese martial tradition, “last born but first past the finish line” .

For more information please call Paul at 346-0099, send your message to info@qwankido.tc or visit their website!

 Schedule of classes for children: 

Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm
Thursday 6pm-7pm

Monthly membership fee: $75