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Tennis for Kids

Our Tennis pro has put together a very exciting term with special programs for juniors such as group lessons, beginner classes and Provo Elite classes.

Tennis students are split into age groups starting as early as 4 years old. Children ages 4–6 will develop hand–eye coordination and motor skills and will learn the basics, including the forehand, volley, overhead and footwork. The group setting helps the preschoolers develop social skills.

Kids 6–8 perform drills that continue to sharpen their hand–eye coordination and motor skills, and they progress to learning tennis fundamentals through both competitive and non-competitive games.

Provo Elite is a program dedicated to those children who are already familiar with the game and have proven talent and dedication. Our coach is using the best techniques for improving the kids’ tennis skills.

Rates for kids start as low as $17/hr (membership required).