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Easter Camp 2012

I have to admit that, on the night before the Easter camp began, I hadn’t had too much sleep, emotion and anxiety were ringing just too loud in my head. Why?! We were well prepared, activities impeccably listed on the daily schedule, all staff instructed, provisions for the snack break bought, yet you know that when you are dealing with children nothing is enough prepared and foreseen – let alone when you have over 60 children to manage!… Don’t get me wrong, I hadn’t had cold feet, it was just the adrenaline rush you feel before jumping into a high waterfall…

But first day of camp run so fast and it was so much fun, that after the children left the building seemed deserted and quiet. Every day we played with them, taught them new games, improved their skills in tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, badminton, dodge-ball and so many more, we felt joy for every game they won and our hearts missed a beat for each band-aid they needed, we even helped them to save their pulled-out milk teeth! Those wonderful children had  shared with us their simple way of reaching happiness, they accepted and invited us in their games and without any effort, we’ve been able to look back to the sweet years of our childhood through the door they generously opened for us.

I cannot speak for others, but for me every camp we organize is a source of pure joy, a humbling experience and for that I have to thank all our wonderful campers!

I would also like to give a big thank to our exceptional collaborators, who generously accepted to donate their time and share their skills with the children in the Easter camp. They are:

- David Bowen for Yoga
- Silviu Olteanu for Soccer
- Paul Ciurar for Qwan-Ki-Do
- David Stone for Mind Tricks
- Royal TCI Police: officers Paul Baker, Nigel Couch, Melonda Robinson, Francisco Padua and Demetre Green for an inspiring demonstration
- Kin-Z Francis, Kamar Bien-Aime, Raul Vazquez, Niv Itzhak and Jose Alarco, all our patient and skilled supervisors
- At last, but not least, Eugene Walkin and Rubino Cyriaque, devoted employees of the Graceway Sports Centre!

But let’s have the pictures talk, because a photo makes more than a thousand words!